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Download PAYROLL PRO - Version 2



Please note - Payroll Pro has been specifically designed for New Zealand businesses, so is not suitable for use in countries other than New Zealand.


Here is a copy of the end user licence agreement (EULA) - click here to view the EULA

If you decide not to use Payroll Pro and would like to remove it - click here for removal instructions



Click the button below to download Payroll Pro Version 2


(Payroll Pro is Suitable for New Zealand businesses only)


FiveStar Payroll Pro



After clicking the download link above, you can usually choose "Run" or "Save". Either is ok - "Run" is often easier since this will automatically download, and then run, the setup program. If you get the "not commonly downloaded" message, click Actions, then More Options, then "Run Anyway".




Are you using Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge?
You may receive a standard warning message:


You might receive a message like this:

"fsspp.exe is not commonly downloaded and could harm your computer"

followed by options such as "Delete" and "Actions".


So, if you do receive the above message:

  > Select "Actions"

  > You may be given the options "Dont Run", "Delete", and "More Options"

  > Choose More Options and then select "Run Anyway"



FiveStar Payroll Pro is safe to download and safe to use.

It will not harm your computer, and has been downloaded many, many times since 1999.


If you still have problems, you could try downloading from another browser, such as Google Chrome or FireFox.




If you have special technical requirements such as requiring the program on one computer and data on another, please see here for more technical information.