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Questions and Solutions for Payroll Pro Version 1



We will be moving all version 1 clients to version 2 for Payday filing (a free upgrade).

This will need to be done before April 2019, but we do suggest upgrading earlier than this.


Please have a look here for information about the change


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Some Common Questions


Student Loans - IRD have advised you to use SLCIR rate of 41.67% (or some other rate greater than 5%)

New Computer - Moving Payroll Pro to another Computer

Installation Technical Details (This may help if you want the program and data in separate locations or other scenarios, eg a server)

Need a new licence key

If you have received an error message while running Payroll Pro, or there is something Payroll Pro will not let you do, we suggest you first ensure you have the latest version - 1.68 - by checking the version number in the main menu of Payroll Pro. If you are not up to date please use the "Check for Updates Online" option in Payroll Pro to update. This may solve your problem.

If you have been using Payroll Pro with no problems and suddenly find you cannot start Payroll Pro, then you will find that something outside Payroll Pro has changed. You might receive an error message such as "Network Initialisation Failed", or some other message. Click here for help with this.


Payroll Pro was running fine - then someone made a change to the computer - and now you can no longer run Payroll Pro...

Windows appears to be blocking Payroll Pro (eg cannot update to latest version, a feature no longer works, and so on)

Latest Legislation Changes

ESCT does not show on the IR348 (Employer Monthly Schedule) (This is correct since ESCT is not meant to show on the IR348)




Installing, Updating or Moving Payroll Pro

How to install Payroll Pro

Installation Technical Details (This topic refers to Payroll Pro version 2, but the technical details of installation are the same for version 1)

(The above includes information about having your data on a server)

How to Update Payroll Pro

Upgrading From Version 1 to Version 2

Moving Payroll Pro to another Computer

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