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Help for - FiveStar MSDOS Programs






These programs are no longer sold or supported.

We are now be concentrating on our very popular WINDOWS Payroll software - FiveStar Payroll Pro.

As Microsoft releases each new update for Windows, it seems that there is less and less ability to run MSDOS programs. We cannot be sure whether or not each Windows update will allow MSDOS programs to run – so it is possible that any new Windows version could suddenly mean the above programs will suddenly stop working.

All support for the MSDOS software will be discontinued from 30 April 2017 when it will be time to say goodbye to Cashbook II and Debtors-Invoicing II, so we strongly recommend any clients still using these move to another program before April 2017.

If you cannot change to another program you are welcome to continue using the software after 30 April 2017, but must be aware that there will be no further support from that date, so using these will be solely at your own risk. We therefore do not recommend this! The main advice would be to continue making good backups, and regularly print reports so that a hard copy is available.



Setting Window Size
(for example you may have a small Window when running the software, and need to make this larger)

Debtors program: Warning message appears even after running "Repair Files"